Past President

The FAN Club started as a friendly reunion of pioneers of Medical Retina, in the early days of fluorescein angiography and lasercoagulation of the retina.

These pioneers were happy to exchange experiences at a time that communication was difficult and knowledge in the field restricted. Initially restricted to the Netherlands, with a few visitors from Belgium and Germany, the interest expanded to France and England, and later to whole Europe and beyond. 
The location of the reunions was decided to change each time, offering the opportunity to visit the organizing  hospital and  to end the day with a diner offered by the inviting guest, at home or in town. Soon these pioneers became FAN-atics, looking very much forward to the small scale presentation sessions twice a year.  Later on , the FAN received a semi-official status, being invited to organize a session of Medical Retina Case Presentations during large meetings in Ophthalmology.

The Club runs itself without official status, there is no membership fee, and no registration fee for the meetings.  Moreover, the reunions are democratic: by lottery is decided who starts presenting, and who is next, and we go on till time is over.  Although there are moderators, usually the local organizer is moderator and decides who else will co-moderate, the aim is to stimulate discussion within the group.

Upcoming meetings are decided within the group, trying to change the location from country to country, and offering all members the opportunity to organize at least once a full day reunion in their hospital. 

Prof. Dr. Anita LEYS
Leuven, Belgium - 1998