Word from the President

Dear colleagues,
Dear FANatics as our founding father Jendo Oosterhuis used to say...
In June 2014, Anita Leys organised her last meeting as our president in the beautiful old city of Leuven. The meeting was highly interesting, as usual, with very diverse pathology including several cases of paraneoplastic retinopathy, the food was delicious, the historic building of the Irish College (the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe) marvellous, the weather was wonderful as were our spirits.

Jan Keunen commemorated Jendo Oosterhuis who passed away in February at the age of almost 89 years, unfortunately with severe health problems in his last years. But we will never forget his enthusiasm and his knowledge.  Anita Leys as his successor as president of IFAN equaled him: she was  the tireless Mother of IFAN, eager to learn and to share her extensive knowledge on medical retina. It was with hesitation that I accepted her request to take over the presidency of IFAN. It is a great honour, but also a great responsibility. I am not as bright and learned as Jendo Oosterhuis and Anita Leys but I am very attached to IFAN as a regular meeting of enthusiastic and erudite colleagues that have become friends over the years and welcome young colleagues to join us. So with your help, I do hope IFAN will continue and thrive.
That brings me to your diaries: please note

  1. IFAN-session at Euretina in London on Saturday September 13th  from 11.00-12.30 in Boulevard D (Level 1). We will have time for only a limited number of presentations, so if you want to present: please send a mail as soon as possible to Marlene Verlaeckt (marlene.verlaeckt@uzleuven.be). "First come first served", we will let you know if you are scheduled. Because of the limited time, we will skip our famous ritual of lottery tickets (just for this time..).
  2. IFAN-session at EVER in Nice on Saturday October 4th the whole afternoon from 13.35 in Room Hermes. Also for this session: please send a mail if you are planning to present a case.
  3. Martine Mauget-Fa├┐sse will organize a regular IFAN-meeting in Paris on February 8th . Please reserve the date! More details on place of venue etcetera will follow. Keep also an eye on the website.

That was all, folks! As a last remark I want to express again my gratitude to Marlene Verlaeckt, the unceasingly loyal help of Anita Leys, who has offered to continue her secretarial help and the maintenance of the website! If you have any questions or remarks, please contact Marlene or me

I hope to see you soon!

Mary van Schooneveld
AMC, Amsterdam, 2014